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I am so glad to share with you a part of my journey and everything I’ve learned so far about wellness, fitness, nutrition, beauty, style, training and diets, fashion and everything that anyone needs to stay fit, healthy and fabulous.

A little bit about me. I was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, lived an idealic lifestyle riding horses on the beach and surfing. I was asked to model for Tracks Surfing Magazine when I was 16 years old full of hope, big dreams and adventurous spirit. My mum took me to an elite modelling agency in Sydney, they asked me to walk on the stage in my bikini to access my prospects of joining their agency, they liked what they saw, told me to lose 5 pounds and then come back to join the agency. I was very excited and that was when I first started to DIET!!! this started me on a path of yo yo dieting , I became obsessed with food and actually put on weight, I even went to a Health Farm and fasted for ten days, losing the weight but putting it straight back on. I am very grateful for each lesson I’ve learned in my life, I wish I had of been able to get to that weight then, and go onto model with the agency, but everything has it’s price and sometimes some things are meant to be.

Today, I am a fit happy and healthy, I am, also, a published writer and creator of The Body Book System I reallly want to make a difference and help people get on the right path to looking great and feeling healthy
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The Body Book System Reveals Exactly
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